Where is Huatulco anyway?

Let's go to the beach


When I was researching this leg of our vagabond life and suggested a beach, Paul mentioned Huatulco. Having never been there and never heard of it, I did a "little" research and booked a room at a small hotel right on a beach. Booked airfare on Interjet--good rates and free cerveza on every flight plus lots of legroom. When we boarded the plane, Paul asked me where is Huatulco? On the Gulf side, I said, in Oaxaca. I guess my college course on Mexican history and geography has not totally stayed with me for 40 years. Paul proved it when he showed me the map and that we were headed to the Pacific, south of Acapulco! No matter, we loved it. Nine bahias (bays} and 36 white sand playas (beaches), lots of privacy.

We arrived early in the day, prepared with pool attire in our carry on. Hit the beach right away and discovered that the water in the ocean was too rough for a swim. Never mind, the pool was awesome and service was good. Cervezas and guacamole for a breakfast of champions and a little snooze poolside before our room was ready. After settling in a bit, we walked to the town of La Crucecita, to get our bearings. Completely the opposite of Mexico City, with 50,000 inhabitants, we knew we were in for a mellow beach week. We decided on beach side dining with live music at the hotel that night. Who knew we needed a vacation from retirement!

La Quinta Bella

Our hotel was intimate, less than 60 rooms. We saw the same staff every day. It was very "rule oriented"--we had to sign a document declaring we would not bring food into the hotel, pool area we presumed, and that we would pay $150 fine if we did. The decor was beyond quirky. Here are a few examples of the art--molded plastic except for the alligators! But, it was right on a beautiful beach, there was always a welcoming lounge chair and the guacamole was good.


More exploration, more pool, more beach. The following day we had lunch right on the beach near the dock where the cruise ships now come in. Cruise ships, that's a sign of progress for Mexican beach resorts. Nevertheless, we enjoyed live music with our standard guacamole and cervezas lunch.

Ahoy, Matey! New friends in Huatulco

On our first trip to town, we engaged with a tour company in an attempt to find a day sail. They found a private boat with a crazy price tag. When I said no, they hounded me with negotiations for days. BUT Paul took a walk to the private marina while I had a high maintenance afternoon, complete with massage, AND he found us a ride. He met a Canadian Captain--Robert or Bob, and his San Diego crew--Laura and Michael, and negotiated a day sail. We were on pins and needles the next day as we didn't hear from them until 7:00 p.m. When they called and asked "Did we want to sail on Thursday?" The answer was YES!

The voyage on the SV FredAgain III was the highlight of our trip so far. We boarded a little before 10 a.m. and sailed until 4:30. Captain Bob was easygoing; crew Laura and Michael did everything they could to make our day. First of all, Michael prepared a little breakfast for us. Next Bob let Paul take the helm and help secure lines while tacking. I relaxed and chatted with Laura, learning how much we have in common. I was shade seeking, as I had managed to get a little burn our first day at the pool. Next Michael this and Michael that--amazing food, a ginormous guacamole with pico de gallo and chips for an appetizer. Then impressive grilled shrimp kabobs with an excellent fruit salsa and brown rice. Above and beyond what we expected. We would have been happy with sandwiches and chips, as this was not a tour boat. Heading to a beach and a swim, we broke out the wine and the day become more mellow. In their sail from San Diego, Laura, Michael and Bob had become a great boat family, each with their own duties--Bob Captain, Michael Chef, Laura Navigator. They treated us like family as well, welcoming and friendly. It was so excellent! Paul snorkeled, I swam, we sailed. On the way back to the marina, Karen and Michael tried to outdo each other in a karaoke-esque performance. A perfect day.

More beach, more pool, more sun, more guacamole

Our time in Huatulco was very relaxing. Six days went by in a flash. And then, on the road again to Guanajuato and San Miguel. See you there!

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