Barcelona--The Finale


We loved Barcelona and wandered for days among the old city, the Roman ruins, the medieval quarters and the new. Our final days included a visit to the CCCB Museum where we saw an exhibition called "After the End of the World," a grim vision of the future of an earth ravaged by climate change. We saw a show at the beautiful Palau de la Musica. We had a long, lovely luncheon at La Cupula on our last afternoon. Paul got a kick out of the collection of antique cars. We both got a kick out of the delicious food and wine. We meandered through parts of town that we had seen and some that we had not seen. 

A few tips about seeing Barcelona--All of the street signs are in Catalan and most people speak Catalan and Spanish. In every Spanish city we visited, the tourist information centers are pretty good. Look for the sign with the blue i, or look up tourist info center on your smart phone. You can get free maps of the routes of the tourist buses, but it well worth it to pay the 1 Euro for the good map with all of the names of the streets. Get the T10 ticket for the Metro/bus. If you are going to be there for a few days, the ticket can be shared. It's a beautiful city to walk, something beautiful to see on every street. Eat the fish, it's so fresh. Enjoy Barcelona from every point of view!

Hasta luego! See you in Madrid.