Postcard from Southern Sweden

Bridge from Denmark to Sweden, seen from Denmark

Bridge from Denmark to Sweden, seen from Denmark


We took the train across the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden, via the 10 mile bridge. I was interested in Malmo from my Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) days, as our Dallas chapter had  exchanges with Malmo. Unfortunately, we were greeted with wind and rainy conditions, dampening my enthusiasm on our first couple of days. In addition, most of the museums are closed until late September for refurbishing and updating exhibits. On the plus side, public transportation consisted of straightforward bus routes. What was not so easy was buying the tickets as the ticket must be purchased prior to boarding…Take it from us, stop at the central station when you arrive and purchase tickets or passes.

Highlights of our full day included a great lunch near the Malmohus Castle at the Blo Hoddans fishmarket, where we sat at a picnic table and ate excellent fish and chips. We visited the beautiful St. Peter’s cathedral, which looked very modern, painted all white. After checking out the Moderna Arte Museum, featuring an Andy Warhol retrospective, Paul took my picture in my rain jacket and called it the best piece of art he had seen that day! Ha Ha! Food really was the highlight, as a visit to Mat-Chokola Studion invited us try several tasty pastries. Fish restaurant Johan P came recommended by two people and did not disappoint.


The next day we took the train one stop to Lund, a delightful town not far from Malmo. We walked around the town—Lund Cathedral, City Museum, Food Hall for some great cheeses, remains of an old stave church underground, botanical gardens and the outdoor museum. I liked the 10,400 year old bull skeleton in the museum, the preserved parts of the old Cathedral from the 13th century and the walk through the botanical gardens. The most impressive thing we saw was the enormous astrological clock in the church. It still works perfectly— plays its tune and the parts in the scene move twice a day. We spent about five hours in Lund, and we really enjoyed was walking around the town.

What’s next? Swedens’ best!