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Hopping Around Helsinki

We took our second overnight cruise on Tallink to Helsinki. With an early disembarkation, it is the city where Paul and I decided we could manage public transportation in a brand new city with 4 suitcases. Essentially, we became those people dragging their suitcases on and off of trams and over six blocks of busy streets. Yes, it was stressful, but we did it! And it wasn’t that difficult. We parked our suitcases at the bus station lockers and toured until we could check into our crazy, tiny, pretty horrible apartment. Live and learn!

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Postcard from Southern Sweden

We took the train across the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden, via the 10 mile bridge. I was interested in Malmo from my Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) days, as our Dallas chapter had  exchanges with Malmo.

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Finding our way : Three days of days of Diego Rivera and more

Finding your way in a city of 22,000,000 can be daunting, but we know we are up to the challenge. To visit the Diego Rivera Museum Anahuacalli, we took an Uber. Easy, inexpensive and efficient. We found the building to be beautiful in itself, constructed of local materials (basalt) in the pre-Columbian way,  excavated from a nearby lava field.

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