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San Miguel de Allende a.k.a. SMA

On our first foreign adventure, Paul and I traveled to San Miguel de Allende (SMA) to celebrate his birthday in 2007. We returned in 2013 to celebrate my birthday as I recuperated from surgery. It's hard to believe how much this charming colonial town, a UNESCO World Heritage sight and Travel and Leisure's 2017 Best City in the World, has changed. 

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Guanajuato, a postcard from KiKi and Pops

Leaving Huatulco, I wish I had taken a picture of us squeezed into the taxi with our luggage everywhere. Overpacking is hereditary, I got it from my mom. We have made a vow to reduce to one suitcase each when we leave the states in March. I may have to hire someone to help me stick with the plan.

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Finding our way : Three days of days of Diego Rivera and more

Finding your way in a city of 22,000,000 can be daunting, but we know we are up to the challenge. To visit the Diego Rivera Museum Anahuacalli, we took an Uber. Easy, inexpensive and efficient. We found the building to be beautiful in itself, constructed of local materials (basalt) in the pre-Columbian way,  excavated from a nearby lava field.

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