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Barcelona--Our Daily Bread and Wine

I signed up for this tour recommended by Trip Advisor with a bit of unneeded trepidation. It was a great tour, with passionate tour leaders and great wines and tapas. We toured the Can Bas winery and its cava (sparkling wine) affiliate. The Spanish Denominacion de Origen is Penedes. In this region of Spanish wine making, no artificial watering can take place, so the vintners are at the mercy of the weather for their rain. 

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Guanajuato, a postcard from KiKi and Pops

Leaving Huatulco, I wish I had taken a picture of us squeezed into the taxi with our luggage everywhere. Overpacking is hereditary, I got it from my mom. We have made a vow to reduce to one suitcase each when we leave the states in March. I may have to hire someone to help me stick with the plan.

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